We all know it, life isn't always s'mores and rainbows. Even with incredible ego strength and life skills, you will get a big ol' gut punch or wrestle with years of ghosts and worn-out patterns. Positive thinking will only get you so far. You need to truly feel, understand,  and work through many of your life experiences, past and current. As you go through therapeutic treatment, you will be able to heal and move more into the way you want to feel. You are looking for someone who can help you, support you, and witness you as you work through and unravel all that you carry.

This is where I would could fit into your action plan for healing and I would be very honored to be involved in your process. I work in an intergrative style that strives to combine the following concepts: deep examination of your past experiences and relationships, exploration of thought patterns, beliefs, and defense mechanisms that might have been a great tool for survival but are now causing problems, the subconscious work of hypnotherapy, accessing the wisdom of the body and focusing on what you can do starting today to help move you forward and reprogram the patterns in your brain. In addition to my therapeutic lens, I believe that therapy should be and very much can be heartfelt and relational. I am not the type of therapist that will spend the whole session nodding (okay,there will probably be some nodding) and just repeating back words that you just said. I approach the work with my clients with a sense of engaged involvement, a sense in working on whatever issue is on the table together, and a balance of sacred reverence and good humor. 


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After you’ve read about me and my approach, you are welcome to call and set a complimentary 15 minute phone consult or to go ahead and book an appointment. If you decide to see another therapist, I wish you only the best in your journey of self discovery, healing and improved satisfaction with your life. If you’ve decided to call me, be assured that you will be treated with warmth and respect while we work together.