Individual counseling is an opportunity to be supported in a deep approach while 

experiencing growth during challenging times or in times of personal inquiry. Individual counseling can assist one in exploring personal topics in their lives such as life transitions, healing past traumas, gaining emotional life skills, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addictive behaviors, relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties, career changes etc



Group counseling allows one to interact with others who are dealing with similar issues and to create a group of support. The group generally allows for its members to realize that their experience is not completely uncommon and to gain relief from the isolation of their struggle. It, also, is an incredible resource for hive mind to help each other solve problems. Typically, groups have up to eight participants, one or two group leaders, and revolve around a common topic like: self-esteem, divorce, domestic violence, sexuality, grief, recovery from abuse and trauma, and substance abuse and recovery. There may, also, be groups that help with skills such as boundary setting, parenting, or communication.

Couples and Mulitple Partnerships

Partnership therapy is NOT just for relationship(s) in crisis! It's a fantastic tool that strengthens your relationship(s) in order to create a more connected, romantic bond with your partner(s).  Sometimes you might feel like you are not being heard, you feel misunderstood or disrespected. Some tend to stonewall, withdraw, or find themselves in a power struggle with their partner. Through therapeutic work, you can identify the repetitive patterns and learn new ways communicate your emotional needs in a healthier & productive manner. 

You may want to consider partnership therapy for these areas  

  • Premarital Counseling 

  • Disconnection and Loss of Spark

  • Power Struggles

  • Communication Hang-ups

  • Fighting

  • Big Life Changes (illness, disability)

  • Boundary Issues

  • Sexual Issues and Sexual Expansion

  • Infidelity 

  • Nontraditional Relationships

  • Opening Relationship 

  • Blended Families 

  • Cultural Differences 

  • Transitionary Periods (new baby, aging parents, retirement)

  • The End of a Relationship


Issues in the family system can cause disruptions that extend outside of the family home. Work, school, health, and community can suffer. Perhaps it is conflict between the parents or between parent and child. Perhaps there is fighting or substance abuse happening. Perhaps there is self-harm and repeative body based behaviors such as cutting, hair pulling, and skin picking. Maybe there is deep loss. Parents struggle to feel like they are balancing it all and "getting it right" with their kids. Kids are trying to seek relieve by acting out or isolating not knowing how to get understanding from their caregivers. You may want to consider seeking therapy for family around these areas: 

  • Problems at school 

  • Distance and fighting in the family

  • Parent’s divorce 

  • Relocation to a new city 

  • Changes in the family structure

  • Difficulty making friends 

  • Behavioral Challenges 

  • Self destructive behaviors (cutting) 

  • Child Abuse 

  • Losing a friend, family member, or pet 

  • Family Conflict 

  • Substance use and/or Abuse