Who Hires A Life Coach?

People who hire life coaches range from Coporate Executives to Enterpenuers to Stay-at-Home-Moms. Some think that it is only for those lacking direction or drive in their own personal resources to achieve what they want. The truth is people who utilize the services of a life coach are those who are highly motivated to life their lives exactly how they want with value, purpose, and fulfillment, and want assistance in ensuring that they are on the right path. A life coach helps their clients do just that by assisting their clients on seeing where they currently are on a deep, honest level and discovering truly where they want to be, but most importantly they aid their clients in building personal support systems that not only get them to reach their goals but give them satisfation every step of the way. 

What are the Benefits of Life Coaching?


Simply, life coaching is the exploration of where you currently are in your life, where you truly want to be, and building the support systems and clarity to attain the desired experience or outcome. It is done through intensive self-inventory, elimination of what doesn't work, and the building stronger infrastructure for what resonates and supports.The life coaching process can be used for anything from building a business to building a family. It works for people who want to make their dreams come true to those who want to figure out what their dreams are.

How is Life

Coaching Different 

Than Psychotherapy?

Coaching focuses on the experiences of where the client currently is in their lives and where they want to be headed. Similar to psychotherapy, coaching helps clients figure out patterns and blindspots that keep them stuck and to learn and develop skills, tools, and habits to reroute the clients life more toward the life that they want. Psychotherapy, however, will address experiences of mental health struggles, past experiences of trauma, abuse, and grief just to name a few. Psychotherapy also deals with the diagnosis of mental health disorders and clinical treatment of those disorders. Both focus on helping the client move toward a better life, they just do so through different practices and different focuses. 


We all have blindspots. Through working with a life coach, we are able to see more and more of those blindspots that limit our time, money, and energy and prevent us from connecting to all that we truly want.


The Role Of The Coach

The role of the life coach is to ask you the right questions, explore with you your deepest longings and how to break free of that is getting in the way, and assist you in discovering resources in your own innate wisdom.  Their role is not to give you advise or directives.  Although you might go home with mutually agreed upon action steps to complete.


Support That Helps You Blossom

As children, we generally have some sort of support system to achieve what we want (albeit it is not always a perfect support system). Yet as adults we are generally asked to carry it all ourselves or sacrifice for others. Working with a life coach, gives you the support needed to take the time and focus for your own live that will help it blossom.  And in turn will allow us to be of better service to those around us. 





Figuring Out Your Dreams and Direction